Celebrating the 80 years

NUTRILITE Pepper Story

How do you take the iconic Nutrilite brand logo and blend it with the value of personal connections that Nutrilite was founded on by Carl Rehnborg?

First, you start with our famous 2-tone green Nutrilite logo that illustrates the balance between nature and science.  Then, you place our iconic Nutrilite brand leaf (which represents our connection to nature) onto a tree that is symbolic of the famous “pepper tree talks” that Carl Rehnborg initiated to connect to others.

Carl was famous for his talks under a pepper tree with distributors and employees, which in his own words “ranged over every subject, with very special attention given to product and to sales”.  As the story goes, the Pepper Tree Talks actually started when a group of senior key distributors went to Hemet, California searching for Carl and found him taking a break on the farm. These key distributors gathered around the trunk of a large pepper tree and talked for hours with Carl, and everyone loved it!   That moment in time started a tradition that people referred to as the “Pepper Tree Talks.”  This was Carl’s way of building relationships and trust, the same way our ABOs continue to do today.

We took all of this into consideration when designing this logo for our 80th Anniversary celebration.  This simple logo provides the opening for a conversation itself - 80 years of connecting the goodness of nature that brings people together and recognizing those who have continued to help grow Nutrilite to a leadership position.  We hope you like the logo, and share the story.​ 


80th Anniversary Timeline

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Celebrating the 80 years