Your Success Rewarded


AMWAY believes that hard work should be rewarded. Put simply, the AMWAY Sales and Marketing Plan rewards you for selling products and for helping AMWAY Business Owners (ABOs) you sponsor to sell products and build their businesses. You can be rewarded with income, incentive trips, recognition and more from:


  • Monthly performance bonuses ranging from 3% to 25% of business volume depending on your monthly productivity.
  • Monthly and annual leadership bonuses, other cash awards, and business incentives based on group performance.
  • Retail mark-up on product sales to customers.


By developing innovative top quality products and packaging, AMWAY offers AMWAY Business Owners (ABOs) a wide product range that they can retail from.

We stand behind the quality of AMWAY products. Anytime you buy an AMWAY product you have the right to use it for a reasonable period of time to determine if it is satisfactory and you want to keep it. Should you decide it is not satisfactory, please return the product to your ABO, who will offer you the choice to have it replaced without charge, receive full credit of the returned product for the purchase of another AMWAY-brand product, or receive a refund of the full purchase price.

This Guarantee does not apply to products that have been intentionally damaged or misused, AMWAY-distributed products which provide a specific time period of return, and those products covered by express written warranties.

The AMWAY Customer Satisfaction Guarantee assures customers that if they are not satisfied with an AMWAY produced, manufactured product after a reasonable time of usage, they can return the product for a full refund, a replacement or credit.