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ARTISTRY Intensive Skincare Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment (2/pk)

 Inspired by dermatological procedures* that dramatically plump and smooth the skin, this intensive treatment delivers the purity and power of our exclusive Vita-C Complex, which includes NUTRILITETM-approved Acerola Cherry Extract, mixed with our most advanced, highly concentrated Hyaluronic Acid Bi-Action Blend. The skin’s moisture content is maximised and the support system is strengthened to smooth the appearance of deep expression lines and revolumise skin for a refreshed, plumped, youthful look.
*Results not equivalent to surgical/cosmetic procedures

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While the Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment doesn’t work in exactly the same way as an injectable filler, it has many of the same benefits.* It dramatically reduces the look of expression lines, and helps prevent their future appearance caused by environmental aggressors. Plus, it helps maintain your skin’s plumpness and creates a healthier, younger, look all over – something no injectable filler can do.*
*Results not equivalent to surgical/cosmetic procedures

Yes, we included the exclusive NUTRILITE-approved Acerola Cherry Extract. This Acerola Cherry Extract is exclusive to ARTISTRY skin care, and has a very high antioxidant value because it is a rich, natural source of the antioxidant Vitamin C. In fact, Acerola Cherry has been shown to be one of the richest natural sources of Vitamin C, much more than traditionally lauded citrus fruits. Acerola Cherry is a vertically-integrated NUTRILITE ingredient used in ARTISTRY products, and is grown on AMWAY's largest farm, which produces Acerola Cherry all year round.

Clinical, consumer and in-vitro testing was performed to support safety and efficacy claims for the Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment. Studies were performed to ensure the formula is well-tolerated, efficacious and satisfies consumer expectations.

While the Vitamin C + Wild Yam Treatment has been a favourite of customers and ABOs for nearly 20 years, the Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment incorporates innovative technologies and the latest scientific discoveries. The new formula has more antioxidant Vitamin C protection, plus the plumping power of Hyaluronic Acid. This is the perfect time to introduce customers to a major product advancement.

Here are some specific differences between the two formulas:

  • The Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment has the highest amount of Vitamin C ever offered in an ARTISTRY skin care product – 20% more by volume than the previous formula.
  • The Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment provides a remarkable 35% more antioxidant protection than the previous formula.
  • The Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment contains 100% Pure Vitamin C in its innovative activating cap – a first for ARTISTRY skin care.
  • The Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment contains our Bi-Action Hyaluronic Acid Blend to restore a plumped, fuller, youthful look.

Consumers preferred the Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment over Vitamin C + Wild Yam Treatment for all of the following attributes:

  1. overall
  2. overall packaging
  3. packing appearance
  4. packaging ease of use
  5. innovative packaging
  6. ease of blending the powder with the serum
  7. ease of application
  8. overall skin feel
  9. overall skin feel during application
  10. overall skin appearance

The Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment is registered as a general cosmetic in all markets except for Korea. In Korea, it is classified as a functional cosmetic.

No, the Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment does not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

No, the Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment was not tested on animals.

No, the Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment has been effectively preserved without the use of parabens. It can be classified as paraben-free.

No wheat- or barley-derived ingredients have been included in the Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment.

The shelf life of the unopened product is three years. Once the product is activated by pressing the button and mixing the 100% Pure Vitamin C powder with the serum, we recommend that the product be used within 30 days to ensure full product efficacy.
NOTE: As the activated treatment nears the 30-day point, customers may see a yellow tint develop in the formula. This is a helpful visual indication that the product is nearing the end of its peak potency. While the product remains safe to use, we recommend activating a new bottle after 30 days.

Before and after activation, the Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment should be stored in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight.

  • Keep away from heat and light: Heat and light, including direct sunlight, can make the product turn yellow faster, and can accelerate the natural “power drain” of oxidation within the formula.
  • Consider refrigerating it: Storing it in the fridge is not required, but helps slow down the potential yellowing and “power drain”.

Yes, it is aesthetically compatible. However, when adding a product to your skin care routine, it is always a good practice to only introduce one new product at a time, and to wait at least one week before introducing any other new products. Since ARTISTRY INTENSIVE SKINCARE formulas, including the Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment, are so powerful, we recommend that you personalise your skin care routine based on your own perceived skin sensitivity.

Yes! The Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment was designed to be added to your existing ARTISTRY regimen. Use it before your daily concentrate.

Be sure to use just 4-5 drops of this concentrated formula per application. If you use more, it will not last the full 30 days.

The Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment has been thoroughly tested on groups of individuals with sensitive skin. In this testing, there was no evidence of allergic response or extreme irritation. However, we recognise that no testing programme can guarantee that all individuals who wish to use this product will not react.

The Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment is not recommended for use directly on the eyes or eye lids. Application around the eye area should be kept to the crow’s feet (outside corner of the eye), along the expression lines. Avoid getting the product into the eyes.

A tingling sensation and tightness is expected for some users, typically for those with more sensitive skin. This sensation is transient (meaning it won’t last long) and a normal experience when using the Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment. However, if the tingling causes skin irritation, wash off the product and discontinue use.

Generally, we do not recommend that any cosmetic product be used after a sunburn or after any cosmetic treatment that causes extreme inflammation. The Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment and any other products should only be used after inflammation has subsided. For use after a chemical peel or laser treatment, a customer should consult her physician.

Ingredients in the Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment have been shown to be safe for use by all women. Safety studies of cosmetics are not conducted on pregnant women. Since skin condition changes during pregnancy, the decision to use or not use this product should be discussed by the woman with her physician.

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