ARTISTRY Youth Xtend Ultra

About ARTISTRY Youth Xtend Ultra



An ultra-pampering and ultra-rich skincare collection developed to reveal a youthful, rosy glow and restore a lifted look. ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ULTRA works deeply into the skin’s surface, getting rid of the accumulated damage to rebuild and strengthen the skin’s surface micro structure.

Ingredients and Technology


The Red Caviar Complex is an intense, patented anti-aging ingredient that helps you reclaim your rosy glow and lifted look. This unique ingredient works by micro-cleansing the accumulated damage within the skin’s surface, clearing the way for the rebuilding process to begin.

Why ARTISTRY Youth Xtend Ultra


1 use
94% of women showed a clinical improvement in smoothness.

2 weeks
87% of women noticed a more youthful radiance.

4 weeks
89% of women noticed an improvement in skin suppleness.

8 weeks
97% of women had a reduction in skin yellowness due to aging.

12 weeks
80% of women noticed a lifted look.

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