Intended for everyday use, SATINIQUE is a complete hair care collection powered by ENERJUVE technology and comprised of a three-part approach: CARE, TREAT and STYLE.

The 3-Step Hair Care Solution


A line of shampoo and conditioner that offers a variety of solutions according to hair type. Because hair may change each day depending on weather, style and condition.


A selection of hair treatment products that nourishes and revitalises, to cultivate healthier, livelier and more elastic hair.


A range of natural styling products for the perfect hairdo, to ensure that you look your best the whole day.


ENERJUVE complex is a blend of nourishing Lipids, Creatine and 18-MEA that penetrates the hair fibre, counteracting the negative charge. Your hair will look and feel stronger, more elastic, shiny and healthy.

ENERJUVE works by surrounding the hair, selectively binding to damaged areas to rebuild weak spots. It penetrates through the hair’s core, revitalising from the inside out, and binds to the hair’s outer layer to protect, restore and smoothen the surface.

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