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Improves skin firmness and strength resulting in more sculpted and defined facial features. Use with the ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT Base Serum (121555) which is sold separately.

For further info on the Amway Satisfaction Guarantee, please refer to the ‘More Information’ section.

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Our research on women around the world revealed that most women typically identify three top skin concerns. Because of this, the Personalized Serum bottle was specifically designed to accept up to three Amplifiers.

However, it's all about personalisation. If a customer truly wants to use more Amplifiers, she would need to split them into two separate Base Serum bottles, infusing two Amplifiers into one and two or three into the other.

The Amplifiers all work in different ways depending on the benefits that they provide. Some results, like softer and smoother-looking skin, is noticeable immediately! Other results, like improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and lightening of dark spots becomes more evident with repeated use.

The Nutrilite-sourced ingredients that are grown on our own organic farms are exclusive to the ARTISTRY brand. Similarly, the Power Infused Technology is exclusive to ARTISTRY within the beauty industry.

The Amplifiers are airtight and have been pressurised with nitrogen. Nitrogen is a non-toxic, inert gas (meaning it won't react with other ingredients). When the cap is activated, the pressure (about as much as in a bicycle tire) propels the Amplifier into the Base Serum with a visible surge and an audible whoosh.

No. The efficacy of the Amplifiers is maximised once they are added to the specially formulated Base Serum. The Amplifiers should not be used alone.

Base Serum alone = 24ml
Base Serum + 1 Amplifier = 26ml
Base Serum + 2 Amplifiers = 28ml
Base Serum + 3 Amplifiers = 30ml

Depending on the number of Amplifiers and the amount of product applied per use, it is anticipated that a freshly mixed bottle of Personalized Serum, used twice a day, will have a 4-6 weeks use-up rate.

Clinical, consumer, safety and in vitro testing were performed to support safety and efficacy claims for the Personalized Serum. Studies were performed to ensure that the formulas are well tolerated, efficacious and satisfy consumer expectations.

Apart from the Firming Amplifier, the Personalized Serum does not contain any animal-derived ingredients. The Firming Amplifier includes Red Caviar, which is considered an animal-derived ingredient.

Yes, parabens are used to effectively preserve the Personalized Serum. Parabens are ingredients that are widely-used and recognised as valuable for preserving cosmetic and personal care products. They protect products from microbial contamination. All commercially-used parabens are synthetically produced, although some parabens also occur naturally in certain fruits (for example, blueberries and carrots).

The parabens currently used in Amway products are permitted and approved for use as preservatives by regulatory authorities. Amway actively monitors the scientific review of parabens by various regulatory authorities around the world so that we meet the guidelines; we use only authorised parabens in our products.

Yes, the Personalized Serum is considered fragrance-free as no fragrances or masking agents have been included in either the Base Serum or the Amplifiers. However, note that some of the ingredients have their own natural, inherent scent.

No wheat- or barley-derived ingredients have been included in the Personalized Serum. Note, however, that we cannot guarantee our beauty and personal care raw materials have been stored or processed in a manner free from gluten cross-contamination risk.

When properly stored, you should not see any discoloration of the Personalized Serum for 12 months after mixing. However, note that the unmixed Base Serum has a slight yellow tint due to its botanical ingredients, and the Amplifiers change the colour of the serum as they are added—these colours and changes are intentional.

Before and after activation, the Personalized Serum should be stored in a cool, dry place, out of direct light. Do not refrigerate the Amplifiers before activation. Prior to activation, it is recommended that you store unused Amplifiers with the label upright and readable.

No. The appearance of small, white globules is natural and does not affect the product’s performance. You can try shaking vigorously for another 15-30 seconds, but don't worry if they don't disappear—they will be evenly distributed by the pump system during use.

Yes. Once your Personalized Serum has been mixed, it is designed to be used every morning and evening.

No. The Base Serum was not designed to be used alone. Use 1, 2 or 3 Amplifiers to personalise your skin treatment and address your total skincare needs.

No. The Amplifiers must be infused into the Base Serum for proper use.

No. The Amplifiers have been designed to work only with the Base Serum as part of the complete ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ Personalized Serum collection. This is key based on their formulation, testing and packaging. Do not attempt to infuse any Amplifier into any other ARTISTRY serum or any other serum product.

The Base Serum bottle has been designed to fit the volume of up to three Amplifiers and still have the correct space to allow for complete mixing. If you are using only one or two Amplifiers, you will see extra space, but rest assured you are getting the full volume and value of the product you customised for yourself.

No, you should not add multiple caps of the same Amplifier. Because of the highly concentrated formulas, any "doubling up" may result in irritation and discomfort. However, we encourage customers to use up to three different Amplifiers to create their Personalized Serum to achieve maximum results.

Don't worry! While it's not recommended to use the Amplifiers directly on your skin on a regular basis, a small drop is not a concern.

No. The Amplifier caps are for one-time use and have been designed to deliver all of their contents into the Base Serum at the time of initial activation.

No, do not refill or "top off" a partially-used bottle of Personalized Serum. This will not result in the proper balance of ingredients, and may result in irritation or discomfort. Always add new Amplifiers to a new Base Serum.

The Power Infused Technology in the Amplifiers provides both a visible and an audible effect when you add an Amplifier to the Base Serum. You'll hear the whoosh and see the surge of product. Note that by the third Amplifier, the visual effect may be reduced, so be sure to listen carefully.

Due to the design of the Amplifier caps, it is normal for a small residual amount of the contents to become visible on the cap. Be sure to follow the directions carefully and it will automatically release the appropriate amount of content into the bottle.

The Amplifier caps are designed to infuse their contents immediately upon activation.

Due to the texture of the Base Serum (which is thicker and more cushioning than water), it is essential to vigorously shake the mixture for 60 seconds after the Amplifier(s) have been infused to obtain a fully-mixed product.

No, once your Personalized Serum is thoroughly mixed after initial activation, it is not necessary to shake before each use.

Yes, it is aesthetically compatible and customers are encouraged to use the Personalized Serum as part of their complete ARTISTRY skincare regimen. However, when adding a product to your skincare routine, it is always a good practice to only introduce one new product at a time, and to wait at least one week before introducing any other new products. Customers should personalise a skincare routine based on their own perceived skin sensitivity.

The steps in a typical regimen are: Cleanse, Tone, Treat, Moisturise. Apply the Personalized Serum after cleansing and toning, as the Treat step, and before your daily moisturiser.

Due to the highly concentrated nature of the Personalized Serum, it is recommended that you use the Personalized Serum and the rest of your ARTISTRY regimen for at least one week before you add any INTENSIVE SKINCARE formulas. Then, depending on your perceived skin sensitivity, consider adding one INTENSIVE SKINCARE product at a time, always allowing at least one week of use before adding another product. If you experience any discomfort or irritation, you should stop using the combination of your Personalized Serum with INTENSIVE SKINCARE.

Yes, the Personalized Serum has been dermatologist-tested and shown to be safe for use when used as directed.

No. It has been allergy-tested and dermatologist-tested. It is suitable for all skin types, mild to the skin, non-irritating and gentle.

The Personalized Serum has been thoroughly tested on groups of individuals with sensitive skin. In this testing, there was no evidence of an allergic response or extreme irritation. However, we recognise that no testing programme can guarantee that all individuals who wish to use this product will not react.

(NOTE: For customers who are especially concerned about sensitivity, we recommend reducing the frequency of use of the Personalized Serum to once a day or just 1 pump per application. Customers may gradually increase use to twice a day as their skin develops tolerance.)

The Personalized Serum can be used around the eye area, but is not recommended for use directly on the eye or eyelids, and you should avoid getting it into the eyes.

The Personalized Serum Base Serum and Amplifier formulas have been fully safety tested. However, every individual’s skin is different. It is recommended that the customer personalises her Amplifier choices based on her perceived sensitivity (including selecting fewer than 3 Amplifiers if she is especially concerned about her skin reacting). If the result of the combined use of the selected Amplifiers plus the Base Serum is redness, discomfort or irritation, she should reduce how often she uses it, or stop using that combination.

Generally, we do not recommend that any cosmetic products be used after a sunburn or after any cosmetic treatment that causes extreme inflammation. The Personalized Serum and any other products should only be used after the inflammation has subsided. For use after a chemical peel or laser treatment, a customer should consult her physician.

Safety studies of cosmetics are not conducted on pregnant women. Since skin condition changes during pregnancy, the decision to use or not use this product should be discussed by the woman and her physician.

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