artistry labs

What is Artistry LABS?

ARTISTRY LABS is elevated skin care delivering potent, systems-based solutions that treat skin beyond daily-use products.

Developed with guidance from a cutting-edge dermatologist and board of advisors, ARTISTRY LABS targeted treatment system reveals younger, healthier-looking skin.

Skin’s texture is clinically proven to look 8 years younger in 4 weeks.

Learn more about ARTISTRY LABS in the video below:

Discover the ARTISTRY LABS Retexturizing System

The first in the ARTISTRY LABS range, the Retexturizing System smooths skin texture, tightens pores and reduces the appearance of fine lines.​

peel and serum


The Peel & Serum work together to stimulate skin renewal and protect the skin barrier.

smooth and brighter looking skin


Achieve clinically proven smoother, brighter and healthier-looking skin in 4 weeks instead of 12.

natural ingredients to exfoliate and remove
dull skin and dead cells


Formulated with natural ingredients to exfoliate dull skin cells and resurface the skin.

to promote healthy skin barrier,
tighten pores, renew and soothe skin


Features 4 plant-powered complexes that reinforce the skin barrier, tighten pores, renew and soothe skin.


This lightweight gel is formulated with the Triple Exfoliating Complex, which enhances the exfoliating power of natural enzymes for more efficient, effective and gentle removal of dull dead skin cells.

Supporting ingredients such as Opuntia Ficus Fruit Extract and NutriCert-certified Pomegranate soothe and calm skin to minimise skin irritation.

Star ingredients in the Triple Exfoliating Complex:

Mushroom Enzyme
This 98% naturally derived exfoliating enzyme breaks cell-to-cell connections to exfoliate superficial, dead skin cells.
Pomegranate Enzyme (NutriCert-Certified)
Increases the skin’s peeling and renewal rate to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells that can trap dirt and debris, and diminish skin barrier function.
Mandelic Acid
Gentle exfoliator that provides an optimum environment for the enzymes to work. It improves the efficacy of the mushroom enzyme by 25%!

Retexturizing Serum

Addressing the skin’s total appearance, the Retexturizing Serum reinforces and protects the skin’s moisture barrier, encourages natural cell renewal, and helps to reduce the appearance of pores and soothes skin.

Pore Refining Complex
Uses key ingredients such as Lentil Seed Extract, Red Algae and Tara Fruit Extract to tighten the appearances of pores and applies a “second skin” layer to block dirt and debris from getting into pores.
Soothing Complex
Soothes and revitalises skin’s appearance. Skin soothing ingredients leverage on the 2021 Nobel Prize-winning study*.
Barrier Enforcing Complex
Helps maintain healthy-looking skin.
Cell Turnover Complex
Encourages the skin to exfoliate naturally.
* The 2021 Nobel Prize-winning study unveiled how the body perceives heat and pain, which Amway leveraged to develop a unique method to soothe skin and minimise skin irritation.

Artistry LABS Aquabrasion

ARTISTRY LABS Aquabrasion adds to the efficacy of the ARTISTRY LABS Retexturizing System. This multi-function skincare device uses 2 separate modes – Suction and Serum to improve the overall results of the System.

Suction Mode

The Suction mode leverages Hydradermabrasion, a non-invasive microdermabrasion technology that uses a combination of vacuum suction and water infusion to thoroughly clean pores and improve the appearance of skin texture. It also helps by better preparing the skin for the absorption of the Retexturizing Serum.​


Aqua Shooting & Pore Vacuum Suction Technology

Aqua Shooting shoots out flowing water with controlled vacuum pressure from the nozzle to gently cleanse, exfoliate dead skin cells, and remove excessive sebum and debris from pores. Meanwhile, Pore Vacuum Suction suctions away the dead skin cells, sebum and waste water into a separate tank.

Serum Mode

Skin Soothing Red Light Technology​

Serum mode leverages Red Light Technology to boost ingredients’ penetration, antioxidants and moisture barrier protection!

Up to 10X Antioxidant Boost

Red Light Technology combined with the ARTISTRY LABS Retexturizing Serum, showed up to 10x or 900% increase in antioxidant protection**!

**In-vitro studies with Lentil Seed Extract, a key ingredient in the LABs Retexturizing Serum

Feel The Difference

After 4 weeks of using the ARTISTRY LABS Aquabrasion with the Retexturizing System​


of consumers agreed that after the peel, using the device’s suction mode made their pores cleaner.


of consumers agreed that this system helps reveal fresh-looking skin.